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** NEWS: New hirable VR eMotion Seat 2022 available.**

Hightech made in Germany - Experience Virtual Reality in a new dimension. Experience Binary-Worlds VR Motion Seat.



VR Applications and Simulators


Binary­-Worlds® was founded by Alex Schmidt, Joachim Schnitzer and Christian Schnitzer in 2017, and is based in south­western Germany.

Its core competence is the development of virtual environments and virtual reality applications, as well as applications in conjunction with simulators as they are found in theme parks or at amusement fairs.

Furthermore Binary-Worlds provide custom designed VR solutions for outstanding exhibition appearances and visual presentations of brands and companies.

Binary-Worlds builds the bridge between engineering, software development and content production.


Visitors to VR simulators experience the true sense of motion in a completely different virtual world presented to them via VR goggles in three dimensions. Both new and already existing simulators can therefore be transformed into a completely newexperience, turning them into something extraordinary. The Binary­-Worlds products have all the necessary components to equip both existing and new attractions with a VR system.


Virtual Reality is already a standing part of the entertainment world and it’s now finding its way into other industries. The visualisation of products and their presentation are greatly enhanced by the use of VR. The building trade already uses the previsualisation of buildings, architecture and complicated presentations are now standard.


Equally VR can be used, and is a proven help in education and apprenticeships because VR can create a more memorable learning experience.

Imagine yourself in the middle of an experiment of a particle accelerator, or you have the possibility to inspect the inside of the human heart. Physical, chemical, biological but also historical events can be featured in an immersive VR presentation and remain an impressive and memorable experience.



Binary-Worlds Canyon Flight
Binary-Worlds Medieval Experience
Binary-Worlds Medieval Experience


For Binary-Worlds the content enjoys the highest priority and it is the mould from which we form our stories.


And it is these stories, their characters and their fantastic worlds that fascinate us in their own special captivating way. That’s the reason why a good story is the basis for an individual and outstanding VR experience. We develop tailormade 360° content according to each customers own demands.


We advice and accompany our customers with our expertise in every phase of every project. From the conception of the first ideas, through to the screenplays, storyboards, modelling, rigging and the animation itself to the finished film we work closely on a step by step basis with our customers.


Binary-Worlds is a close co-operator with Calren Media GmbH. Calren is a well established company working in audio visual media and storytelling since 1980.

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Immerse into a virtual reality and experience binary worlds.



The VR Motion Seat is available as pneumatic or electric operating version. It synchronises stereoscopic 360° videos with noticeable motions and G-forces and creates an even more immersive VR experience with the help of a standard FBX file.


The system is a modular concept. Colors and custom design wishes are changeable. One system operates one up to 500 double units (1000 persons) synchronously. Binary-Worlds VR Motion Seat is the ideal space-saving, high quality solution for moving VR presentations and VR movie theaters.

Weight Double-Seat: 120 kg

Power Supply Motion Seat: 24V DC

Air pressure consumption: ca. 56 Nm³/h

Power Supply eMotion Seat: Grounding Pole Type B, 230V

Power Consumption eMotion Seat: 750W

Measurements: 135 x 104,9 x 129,3cm

Recommended room volume per unit: ca. 2,6 m³


2 years guaranty, CE approved


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Managing directors: Alex Schmidt, Christian Schnitzer, Joachim Schnitzer

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